Take a stand for Boulder's youth and the city we love. 

Urge Boulder's City Council to decline the expansion of marijuana commerce in our community.

Ask them to opt-out of recreational marijuana delivery and social marijuana consumption. 

Attend the Next CLAB Meeting, March 1 at 3 pm

A link to the Zoom virtual meeting can be accessed here on March 1.

Email the Boulder Cannabis Licensing and Advisory Board 

Email Boulder City Council 

Need help?

If you or your child needs help, here are some local resources to start:

ReachOutforChange.com — Community reinforcement and family training classes.

JohnnysAmbassadors.org — Information, education, and advocacy.

National Alliance on Mental Illness - Boulder County — Recovery support group.

Natural Highs, Healthy Alternatives to Drugs & Alcohol — Intelligent, respectful teen engagement. 


We are an informal coalition of concerned parents, educators, medical providers, justice system advocates, addiction counselors, scientists, and social workers, organized through the Colorado-based grassroots organization Blue Rising Together.  Our goal is NOT to undo the will of the voters. For the common-sense reasons outlined in these pages, we are asking the city of Boulder to decline further expansion of commercial marijuana in our community by opting out of recreational marijuana delivery and social consumption.