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Adolescence is an absolutely unique moment in human development. The onset of puberty through the mid-20s is a critical period during which key areas of the brain expand and mature. These changes in brain structure, function, and connectivity mark adolescence as a brief and matchless period -- to discover new ideas, to form relationships with peers and adults, and to explore a developing identity. It can set one's life trajectory. Today's marijuana can severely disrupt brain development, and as a community, we should be sure we are doing everything to discourage its use. Normalizing marijuana, marketing it as medicine, and glamorizing it sends a confusing message to young people that can be extremely difficult (if not impossible) to overcome. When adolescent brain development is disrupted, a young person's life can be devastated, sometimes for a lifetime. High THC marijuana is harming Boulder youth. They deserve better. Our community must strike a balance between legal marijuana and protections for young people. We should not expand.   

Boulder's young people should not be saddled with
the fallout of marijuana expansion.   

How Marijuana Affects The Adolescent Brain

“The damage that occurs because of exposure at that age is irreversible. It is long lasting and even complete cessation of marijuana exposure will not reverse these changes.”

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